University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 2002
Hamilton Dormitory
Vertical Condrete Repair
Products Used: IPATop VO

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IPA Systems Construction Products Listing

DRYCON Two-coat, cementitious kit used to prevent seepage of water through masonry and concrete.

DRYCON SM/SMF Waterproof structural repair mortar for pneumatic spray gun installation.

DURICURE Sealer Cure and seal emulsion for concrete

DURIPAL Clear, odorless, inorganic polymer for hardening and stabilizing cementitious building materials.

Enviro-Form Release- Economical, biodegradable forn release

FARBERTITE A unique, water-based, coal tar coating that provides exceptional adhesion, flexibility and corrosion protection for concrete, wood or steel construction components that may be exposed to aggressive environments, particularly in marine applications.

IPACOAT Water based, high build acrylic coating

IPALASTIC 100% Acrylic elastomeric coating for concrete or stucco.

IPANEX-R Two-coat, cementitious kit used to prevent seepage of water through masonry and concrete.

IPANOL Anchor Gel A general urpose, non-sag, injectable anchoring gel.

IPANOL C A 3 component water based, solvent free, non-flammable , breathable VOC complaint, epoxy modified–cementitious bonding agent and corrosion inhibitor.

IPANOL DECK SEAL A 100% solids, low modulus, low viscosity highly penetrating, epoxy polymer

IPANOL E-FLEX 100% solids, two component low modulus of elasticity epoxy. Surface barrier for concrete decks in traffic bearing conditions.

IPANOL E-FLEX RM a 100% solids, three component, multi-purpose, high strength, flexible, non-shrink epoxy repair mortar.

IPANOL EPOXY SEALER A two component, moisture insensitive, self-priming, high gloss epoxy sealer. uses a cycloaliphatic amine curing system for color retention and chemical resistance.

IPANOL HI-MOD 100% solids, two component high modulus of elasticity epoxy for structural repairs.
AASHTO M235-91, ASTM C881, Type 1, II, IV & V, Grade 2, Class B & C.

IPANOL LV 100% solids, two component moisture insensitive low viscosity epoxy.
AASHTO M235-91, ASTM C881, Type 1 & IV, Grade 1, Class B & C.

IPASEAL 50W VOC compliant, water based, silane/siloxane deep penetrating water repellent for concrete and masonry surfaces.

IPATHANE HYDROLIC GROUT V.O.C. compliant, nonflammable polyurethane injection resin formulated to seal dynamic non-structural cracks in concrete and prevent water migration. 

IPATOP Anchoring Cement Pourable cementitious anchoring compound

IPATOP COAT Two-component polymer modified cementitious coating. Weatherproof coating for concrete or masonry.

IPATOP HES One-component cementitious shrinkage compensated repair mortar for High, Early Strength applications.

IPATOP HF One-component cementitious shrinkage compensated, flowable repair mortar for pour and pump applications.

IPATOP PENNGROUT Versatile high strength non-shrink grout for dry-pack, plastic, pumpable and pourable applications.

IPATOP RM Pre-mixed, one-component, cementitious repair mortar for horizontal applications.

IPATOP SHOTCRETE One-component micro silica enhanced material for overhead, vertical, and horizontal concrete repairs covering large areas.  Formulated for pneumatic application using dry process shotcrete equipment.

IPATOP VO Two-component repair mortar for vertical and overhead repair of concrete structures.

IPATOP SCP Single component, polymer modified, lightweight repair mortar

OCTOBLEN Acrylic latex bonding admixture for Portland cement base mixtures, scratch/brown coats, concrete patches, cement paints, slurry and finish coats.

OCTOCRETE Single-component, polymer modified repair mortar available in 15 minute and 30 minute set times.

OCTOCRETE U Single-component, polymer modified repair mortar for underwater use.

OCTOPLUG PLUS A single component, expanding, polymer modified hydraulic cement based water-stop mortar. Designed to stop running water and seeping water through cracks in concrete and masonry.

OCTOSKIM Two-component kit for resurfacing horizontal concrete - minor spalling and surface uneveness.

OCTOWELD Liquid vinyl acetate polymer used as an easy spreading bonding agent for plasters and mortars.

QUAKER STUCCO Quaker Stucco is a factory precision blend of Portland cement (ASTM C150) silica sand, hydrated lime (ASTM C206), oxide pigments (ASTM D50) and additives for shrinkage control and color uniformity.

QUAKER WATERPROOFING STUCCO Additive designed to waterproof stucco, improve freeze/thaw durability and protect finishes from efflorescence. Formulated from the Company's successful IPANEX product for total waterproof protection.

SoudaSeal AP- All purpose construction sealant

SoudaSeal FC- Fast curing sealant with high initial tack
SoudaSeal SL- Self leveling sealant

SoudaSeal 50ML- Low modulus high movement joint sealant

SoudaSeal 150ML- Ultra low modulus, high movement joint sealant

SoudaSeal 150 Primer- primer for sealants


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